11.05.17 has moved.

Some of you might have noticed that this website had been offline for a few days.
The explanation is: I changed the provider. The announced refurbishment will take place shortly.

Things will be refurbished soon.

You probably already noticed it: "Sink" and all other FF7 stuff have moved to a subdomain.
The reason for the refurbishment: I'm going to shift the content's focus of this website. I'll tell you more about it later. In the case you bookmarked "Sink", please set a new bookmark.

Welcome to the new year.

I just want to tell you that "Sink" chapter 22 is now complete.
I will spend the next months working on the second half of the "VJ" master drawings.

It's Christmas. Again.

Here's some recompense for me being silent for about 6 months:
"Sink" chapter 22 is finished - at least the first scene. The rest will follow shortly.
read it

And I'm somewhat halfway through with the "VJ" master drawings.
And finally, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year with the annual Christmas card:






Interim report.

About a third of the master drawings is now finished. I hope having finished all of it somewhere during the next year.
I haven't forgotten it. I will add a new chapter around the end of this year.
Besides, I just want to mention that I inserted a new translation of Yuffie's song in chapter 7. The old translation was actually no translation at all, but some other song, since Yuffie's song was published by Catalina in the fanfic's chapter 40, which didn't yet exist when I mangaized chapter 7. Now it's there, thanks to the help of Google Translate. ^_^

It's Christmas.

To my faithful readers a Merry Christmas and a happy new year ! ^_^
Here's the annual Christmas card:





And here's the long and often announced next chapter of "Sink to the Bottom With You":
read it

And finally news on "VJ":
The master drawings are about to start. It will take a while to finish the 390something pages, but here's a collection of test pages that will grow from time to time: go to the "VJ" test pages


"Sink" chapter 21...

... will be online on Christmas.
It could've been finished already, but the first "final test for the VJ drawing style" didn't quite yield the desired results, so I had to do it all over again...

Welcome to the new web design.

"The art engineer's manga workshop" is now 10 years old, and it was time for a complete optical and technical overhaul. The new design is optimized for mobile view.
Thanks a lot to!
Other than that:
The pencilling for "VJ" is finished, as well as the proofreading.
But before I'm going to enter the next stage of production (the master drawings), I will add a new chapter of "Sink". It will also serve as a final test for the "VJ" drawing style.