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VJ - New Manga Project

Story and Characters © The Art Engineer

Status: I'm currently working on the final two chapters of the master drawings.

"VJ" is the manga project I'm currently working on, a novel-like story unfolding on about 400 pages. It will be published as a printed book.
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Meet me at Zazzle...

... at the Art Engineer's Art Nouveau Workshop!

You can now purchase designs of mine at!
Zazzle is a wonderful place to get all sorts of things from gift bags over cushions to business cards etc.
The point is: They are all individually designed. In this case by me. But once there, you can design stuff by yourself.

Featured collection: Rosy Gift Wrappings for Christmas!

Rosy Gift Wrappings and DIY
Rosy Gift Wrappings and DIY
by The Art Engineer

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While we're on the Christmas subject...

Does someone still need some wrapping paper? I featured a Collection at Zazzle, complete with everything you'll need to wrap up your gifts.
And also some gift ideas. Just check out my Zazzle site.

Some news (kinda).

Usually, at this time of the year, I announce the preparation of the next "Sink" chapter.
This year, however, I'm going to postpone it, because I really want to push through the "VJ" project first. It's going well now, and I hope to be finished with the master drawings somewhere at the beginning of 2018.
Therefore, see ya soon at Christmas, and I hope to be able to tell you more then! ^_^

New: The Google Translate Button.

It's in the upper right corner.
I put it there for all those who aren't fluent in english or german. Of course, Google Translate isn't perfect. But it seems to learn if you use it often. ^_^
The Google Translate Version will open up in a new browser window.
Google Translate makes it possible for you to read my FF7 doujinshi in your mother language. However, it will take some time until all chapters of "Sink" and "Faith" are available for translation. But "Butterfly Symphony" is already complete!
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But please note: Google Translate works best with Google Chrome (of course). Firefox has problems with the page layout.

Welcome to the new web design.

Here it is, the new style.
The main focus is now on the mysterious "VJ" story. It will still take some time until it is finished:
The final two chapters are still missing (about a quarter of the story), then some details still have to be worked out (all faces are still done in pencil to make changes possible), and then follows the digital editing. And of course the text. Well, and the english translation. The pre-press preparation will be a story on its own. As well as the marketing.
So there are still many things to do.
In the meantime you might check out my new little business at