VJ - New Project

Story and characters
© G. art engineering

Status: I'm currently working on the second half of the master drawings.

"VJ" is the manga project I'm currently working on, an epic story unfolding on about 400 pages. It will be published as a printed book.
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FF7 Doujinshi & Artwork

Final Fantasy VII © SquareEnix Co., LTD.

Status: "Sink" chapter 22 is now complete.
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Most of the doujinshi are complete, except for my mangaization of Catalina's famous "Sink to the Bottom With You" fanfic.
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Miscellaneous Artwork

Artwork © G. art engineering

A collection of Christmas cards and artwork calendars.
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The art engineer's
manga workshop

Hiding behind the "art engineer" is a biotech engineer with a passion for art, especially the art of storytelling.
I self-studied scriptwriting, and instead of making films I'm drawing manga, which is in my opinion very film-like in its visual language.
I started telling stories/drawing manga by creating Final Fantasy 7 doujinshi. Final Fantasy 7 has a great story and fascinating characters who are great to work with. The main reason for the doujinshi, however, was to improve my drawing skills, which were, well, improvable.
Aside from all these things I've started to write my own stories. "VJ" is the first one that will see the light of publication.